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3 in 1 Magnet Changing Cable with LED

data cable usb 


Products Name: Magnetic Charging data Cable
Material: Metal, Nylon,Plastic
  • connector:

 IOS 8pin / USB C / Micro
  • Ampere :

Lenght: 100 CM ( OEM: 100cm 200cm 300cm )
Other LED Night-light





1 Test 30000 times
  Magnetic design make your charging more simple, Thanks to compact design and application of poles aligned, the ends of the interface can automatically adsorb. With one hand can done to reduce physical damage to the charging port.

2  Miniature charging magnetic plug design
  Dust plug design, smaller size, lighter weight, Insulation PET cover, compatible with most of phone case.

3  Strong magnetism not easy to fall off 

  antioxidant,reducing the contact resistance of the plug,make sure the plug lasting, durable, non-deformation, without embellishment, efficient and accurate data transmission. Using imported NdFeB magnet as materials with strong magnetism, not easy to fall off when it is charging. In the process of using to reduce the damage of pull cable violently.

4  Adopt CNC craft, Anti-winding nylon braided cable
  Both metal connector shell are made of integrated aerospace aluminum, strong combination performance and structural strength anti-collision and anti-corrosive. Adopt excellent nylon material, fine and closely woven, anti-winding, excellent heat dispersion performance, valid scratch-resistant and anti-tensile and working life.

5  Charge and transfer data
  Support USB2.0 data transfer, fast charging, more efficient and more time-saving.

6  Easy to carry and receive
  100 CM length, more convenient, easy to carry and receive, High-end packaging, environmental packing. 1 year warranty!

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data cablesdata cable

data cable usb

data cables

data cable

data cable usb

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